Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Alliance for Rural Impact?

    A collective partnership of technical assistance experts focused on community equity for rural and tribal regions.
  • What does Alliance for Rural Impact actually do?

    Our ultimate goal is to bring about positive changes that result in community prosperity. We do this through financial stabilization and growth, strategic planning and analysis, capacity building and long-term implementation.
  • Who should work with Alliance for Rural Impact?

    Rural communities and tribes that desire to work for a better future. This can be done through planning and development organizations, economic development organizations, tribal organizations, chambers of commerce, cities and/or counties.

    Foundations and organizations that seek a holistic approach to community engagement and results. i.e. Private foundations, existing community development financial institutions, state and federal agencies.

  • Why should rural communities look to Alliance for Rural Impact for help?

    Alliance for Rural Impact is designed to provide all aspects of community and economic development. We identify a community’s foundational assets and drive progress until outcomes are achieved.

    Long-term implementation is the goal. Rural Impact will assist communities in changing the processes that support long-term success.

  • How does a community pay for all this?

    The Alliance for Rural Impact coordinates with key national and state organizations to support and strategically utilize federal and state programming.  The Alliance for Rural Impact has two roles with respect to federal economic and community development programming:

    1. We advocate for the continuation and enhancement of federal programs that inspire and support rural community and economic development activity.
    2. We channel those resources to the communities we serve. This helps to leverage private investment and to implement the projects most vital to long-term stability of the rural communities.