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Agripreneurship 201

May 7, 2019
9 a.m. – 2 p.m. CST
San Antonio College
William R. Sinkin Eco Centro
1802 N. Main Street
San Antonio, TX 78212

Cost: $10
Agripreneurship 201 focuses on shifting fear associated with business financials from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can!’
Learn practical, user-friendly processes that will minimize your time in-office and maximize time in-field. When incorporated in to your business planning and operations, these techniques can help you realize your business’s full potential and impact your financial future!
Learn About:
  • Financial statement review and development; cost of goods; cash flow
  • Planning your financial future through specific goal setting; preparing for the unknown
  • How to create an achievable savings plan
  • Dedicated one-on-one technical assistance

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