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Creative Impact:  A Model for Innovation in America

The Alliance for Rural Impactand Bush Consulting Group have partnered to address the issue of economic adaptation, bringing together the perspectives of both industry and community to develop a new model for regional development.  Our two organizations have extensive experience in planning and implementation for communities, regions, individual businesses and collective industry associations.

What is Creative Impact?

  • A best-in-class model designed to maximize investments in innovation.
  • A model developed through extensive research into the needs of major advancedmanufacturing industries.
  • A partnership between industry, community, philanthropy and education to collaboratively develop stronger workforce and educational initiatives.
  • A connected system of community development and workforce preparedness that leads to employment opportunity and improved quality of life.
  • A regional planning and implementation initiative to strengthen the three major economic sectors:
    • Regional Export Economy: composed of traded goods and services.
    • Regional Draw Economy: the unique assets and attractions of a region.
    • Support Economy: internal systems that fill critical needs for both businesses and citizens.
  • An economic adaptation model that modifies existing systems to enhance a region’s strengths.
  • A collaboration between urban, rural and tribal communities to advance their collective advantages.
  • A blending of arts, culture, industry and entrepreneurship that readies today’s workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.
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