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Agriculture is a mainstay of the economy in rural communities.  More and more, locally sourced food and food systems are being seen for their overall importance. The ability to produce and distribute sustainable food to rural areas provides economic, health and environmental impacts. Unfortunately, the lack of fundamental knowledge of running a business, from incorporation to business planning to financial management to labor laws, creates barriers to success for small and mid-sized producers.

Alliance for Rural Impact has developed, Impact Groundworks™, a curriculum-based set of workbooks, workshops and technical assistance designed to help farmers build and maintain the business systems needed to run a successful enterprise.  Impact Groundworks™ strengthens the local food system in rural communities through supportive services for farmers, outreach to local markets, and collaborative development assistance for cooperatives and food hubs.

Impact Groundworks™, in conjunction with the Impact Capital Fund, can offer access to capital and technical assistance programming that can further strengthen the local food system leading to greater outcomes and impacts.

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