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Financial and Capital Management

One major hurdle to many communities is the scarcity of capital needed for implementation of strategies.  While grants can often assist communities in accomplishing goals, they are usually one-time infusions for very specific purposes.  Having local, discretionary funding is a major advantage for a small community.

The Alliance for Rural Impact understands this challenge and can assist communities in overcoming it.  With a broad knowledge of public financing options, we join in to structure the right combination of financial programs, whether for specific projects or sustained programs.

Our team has access to nationwide financing programs, allowing us to quickly and efficiently provide capital for businesses needing start-up or expansion funding.  Businesses and community organizations alike may utilize our financing programs for operating expenses, capital projects, and equipment leasing or purchasing.  We work with each potential borrower to find the best financing options available.

We also provide management assistance, such as:  loan policy development; local document creation; lending market risk assessment; lending needs surveys; loan capitalization; underwriting; loan collections; nonprofit lending software; and Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certification and management.

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